Blue Earth support is the best there is. We will even set up your email client for you. It just doesn't get better!


Running LiteSpeed and CloudLinux on the best servers in the world, gives us rock solid stability, however demanding your needs are.

Uptime 100%

With the best technicians available, we maintain a 24/7 vigil on our servers, ensuring everything remains active and online.

  • Uptime 100%
  • Fast SSD servers 100%
  • Customer Support 100%
  • Good Advice 100%

About Blue Earth

Established in 1995, you won’t find Blue Earth on Facebook or busy twittering. Instead we are using a cutting edge technology¬†called, ‘Talking to people.’ We have found it to work much better than social media, and is actually free, and has the bonus of having no adverts, which is nice!

The links will take you to the information you need, and if you need anything more, please get in touch by giving us a call, or sending an email.